The March 2016 edition of Port Macquarie-Hastings Focus magazine features an amazing line-up of incredible local women in business. I am so proud to call so many of these inspirational women my colleagues, clients, mentors and friends.

I was lucky enough to join a few of those friends on the front cover! The styling session and photo shoot was an absolute hoot with plenty of laughter and a few balloons to the head.

If you’re looking for strategies for success from a bunch of awesome business women, head to the feature where they spill their secrets.

For the record, here’s the tips I shared

Define Success. For me it’s, “a meaningful life full of passion and freedom in which we grow as individuals and contribute beyond ourselves”.

What’s your best tip for staying on task and organised? The Pomodoro Technique involves splitting tasks into 25 minute chunks and setting a timer. If you’re like me and love a deadline, but are prone to distraction, give it a go! It really improves my productivity and creativity.

How do you evaluate customer satisfaction? PR is all about building strong relationships, solid reputation and open communication – and these are great markers of client satisfaction in my business. The rewards are repeat business and valuable referrals.

What’s your go to resource for personal training and development? I am a bowerbird collecting fragments of wisdom! I love business blogs, books, webinars and networking events. But the best insights come from the inspiring people I surround myself with.

How do you stay motivated? My motivation comes from knowing my ‘why’. When I aligned my business goals with my purpose in life I found so much more energy! Time out is equally important.