As the furniture and bedding proprietor of the local Harvey Norman store, Kerrie Winn has helped many Port Macquarie families choose the special items that make their house a home.

“The great thing about Harvey Norman is that it operates under a franchise system so the proprietors live close to where they work and have close ties with their local community,” Kerrie said.

Growing up in Sydney, Kerrie moved to Port Macquarie for the natural beauty of the area, which she feels allows for a healthy lifestyle.

“Living here makes it easy to get up each day, full of energy and ready to get stuck in. It’s easy to be motivated when you love what you do.

“We have a close, positive and family work environment at Port Macquarie Harvey Norman which, makes juggling busy family life and work much more enjoyable.”

Kerrie’s favourite part of the day is the team meeting first thing each morning. She also takes the time to talk with all her staff throughout the day to give them encouragement and help them feel motivated and happy.

While spending time in the office working on payroll, accounts, approving batches and managing the day to day running of the business is a necessity, Kerrie much prefers to be out on the floor with the staff and customers.

In 2015, Port Macquarie Harvey Norman won the Customer Services Store of the Year against 180 other Harvey Norman stores, an achievement Kerrie puts down to her staff having a common goal, regular meetings and a positive working environment.

Customer satisfaction is essential for success in the often challenging retail market and Kerrie believes that if the team at Harvey Norman can give customers the best shopping experience they will come back and become loyal customers.

“As proprietors, we also support the local community in many ways, including local sporting clubs, schools and charities. The very nature of a franchise is that we also use local resources such as local transport and installers so we are constantly supporting the Port Macquarie community,” Kerrie said.

A large part of Kerrie’s role is to walk the floor of both furniture and bedding to ensure everything is correct including ticketing, making sure everything is tidy and that new models are on display.

“We are a busy store with six trucks coming in each week from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane so it can be like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes working out how to fit everything into the space. You certainly need great organisational skills, as well as people skills, in this job.”

My Day

5.30am Join my training tribe from GI Jones at Town Beach, then a quick coffee and catch up with the girls
7.15am Home to get everyone out the door and on the bus, then head to work
8.30am Welcome my team, have our regular daily meeting to plan the promotions for the day ahead
9.00am The doors open and we’re away. A busy day ahead of working with staff and customers, and managing all aspects of the business
5.30pm The store closes, the tills are balanced, reports are generated and we make sure the store is tidy, ready to start again tomorrow
6.00pm How lucky are we to live in Port Macquarie?! No traffic means I’m home quickly
7.00pm I enjoy a ‘download’ chat with my husband while he cooks. Check in on the kids’ homework and school, and walk the dog