mbc recruitment


mbc recruitment manage permanent, temporary and contract assignments across Australia. mbc required consistent branding across individual marketing campaigns to showcase different company divisions.

Parker & Co Communications have developed campaigns for recruitment, labour hire, traffic control and the nursing agency, as well as and leveraged sponsorships and partnerships for the company.

With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) on the Mid North Coast a unique marketing campaign speaking to a new audience was required.


Parker & Co developed a campaign for mbc nursing to inform the public about the new opportunities for nursing and carer services with the introduction of the NDIS.

The campaign objectives were:

To develop and deliver a promotional campaign to inform clients with a disability and their carers that mbc services are available through the NDIS.

To increase awareness and raise the profile of mbc nursing across the Mid North Coast with a focus on being an NDIS registered provider of choice.


Parker & Co developed a large scale advertising campaign to promote mbc as a registered NDIS provider. The integrated campaign utilised a range of channels including digital, broadcast and print mediums.

mbc’s nursing agency has experienced significant growth of their NDIS based services as a result of the campaign.

The strategic and proactive approach to mbc’s overarching communications, implemented and managed by Parker & Co Communications over a number of years, has positioned the company as a local industry leader.