There’s something I’ve been keeping under my hat! I’m super excited to be collaborating with a team of awesome creatives to bring you Five Hats – a website team that wears all the hats so you don’t have to. Design, development, content, imagery and IT support. Who can guess who we are? Head to the website to check your answer!

Newman Communications is proud to be wearing Project Management and Copywriting hats as part of this new venture.

The words on your website are critical – they can bring people to your site, convey your brand personality and drive potential clients to take action. We craft clear, concise and compelling content for your website that not only grabs attention, but also achieves your objectives.

So, if you’re after a brand new website, or you existing one is starting to show its age, head on over to Five Hats. We can develop a modern, responsive, vibrant website to keep you head and shoulders above the rest.