While many of us are asleep or struggling to get ready for work, there are some who rise before the sun to take the time to centre themselves for the day ahead.

Yoga teacher and naturopath Rebel Tucker believes a quiet moment of meditation and reflection, away from the rush and the stresses of everyday life, is something we could all benefit from.

With three teenage children, dogs, her yoga business Yoga Rebel, and part time work as a naturopath, Rebel Tucker manages to find the time for several meditation and yoga practices each day.

“It’s important to me that I practice what I preach. A regular home practice and living life according to Yogic and Naturopathic principles is essential,” Rebel said.

Rebel has qualifications in naturopathy, homeopathy, Zen Shiatsu, remedial and deep tissue massage, as well as Level 2 Yoga. After moving to Port Macquarie from Darwin two years ago, Rebel splits her time between teaching 10 yoga classes a week as well as three to four days as a naturopath in a health food store.

Specialising in chronic disease and stress, Rebel regularly attends seminars and courses, staying up to date with the latest research and advances in natural medicine.

“Yoga and naturopathy go hand-in-hand, providing ways to deal with stress related illness,” Rebel said.

Rebel began practicing yoga when she was 12 with her mother. Having started out as an aerobics instructor back when fluorescent leg warmers and self-recorded cassette tapes were the norm, Rebel has always worked within the health and wellness sector, predominately working for herself.

She admits it can be challenging financially, so she enjoys finding clever and creative ways to connect with the local community and promote her classes through Instagram, Facebook and blogs.

“When I moved here, I jumped straight into teaching classes at my local hall. I adore it here. I like that people know each other, and I can do what I love and people support me.”

Aside from one particularly heavy downpour that took her outdoor class by surprise and left them soaking wet, the Port Macquarie area provides a beautiful backdrop that Rebel hopes will inspire local people to roll out their mat.

Rebel hopes to one day have her own studio in Bonny Hills or Lake Cathie near the beach for yoga classes and naturopathic consultations, as well as a cosy place for her students to sit, have tea, read and relax.

“I’m working to build a tribe of people who love to live life well, so we can all inspire each other.”

Her unique classes are tailored each day to those participating, and end with Rebel’s favourite part of yoga teaching, the moment when everyone in the room brings their hands to their heart centres and says “Namaste” to create a feeling of connection.

“Being able to connect with people and inspire them is incredibly important in my yoga practice. I teach my students to define what is important to them each day and step towards that, while always remaining kind to yourself, and others.”

My Day

5:15am 5 – 10 minute Gratitude or Mantra meditation (repeating Sanskrit phrase 108 times).

6:00am Teach yoga or do my own practice.

7:30am Walk the dogs along the beach. Get my feet into the sand and ocean. 10 – 15 minute meditation outside.

8:30am Healthy breakfast with Chai or a good coffee.

10:00am In-store naturopath advising on health and living well.

2:00pm Write blogs and articles for Yoga Rebel website. Read yoga books. Food shopping!

4:30pm Kids arrive home. Run them around to afternoon sport activities.

6:30pm Teach yoga. Sometimes we find time to sit down for a family meal.

8:30pm Cup of herbal tea. Phone my husband, who works away a lot.

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